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March 31, 2010


Sitiaishah Salim

Pak Idrus,
CKT was excellent. Are you planning to visit Boston anytime soon? Nor has two blogs but she's updating her travel in "The Lost Year' which I put the link in this entry.

Sure you can. I'll be happy to take you around.

I'm glad you made it to the DC. You know what, yesterday was sunny and gorgeous and I was.... "Darn...wish Nor is here." I will more effort to sekali sekali to update FunnyAccent.


Kak Siti, thank you again for being a great company and host. I had a wonderful time, despite the rain. You take care and sekali-sekala update la blog ni ya ;)


Kak Siti,
Can I visit you too? hehe

Pak Idrus

Siti, That was a great story and the Chow kuey Teow look tempting indeed. Now I am nostalgic of my Boston. BTW does Nor have a blog! Have a nice day.

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