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April 02, 2009


Gurindam Jiwa

We are waiting for the DVD version. :o)

I took my family to see Transformers at the movie theatre. Their first experience ever to be in a movie theatre. Well, one of my sons didn't like it, because he can't walk around during the movie. He's the hyper type. Whenever action stops, he'll do something else. But he can't do that at the movie. I guess that's a good thing for me.

This Upin dan Ipin project is a good one. After many tries, Malaysian animators finally got something of a movie length that is good. Not just the technical part, but also the story. After all, it is the story that makes the movie.


I liked the old design. It was beautiful but even a dull blog like mine needs a makeover, eh :)).
I checked out the lastest news about Basillio and his family a year after the movie. He and his family moved to a city and he and his brother go to school full time with the support from a charity group from Germany.

I'm glad you like it. Five million for animated movie? Way to go. Have you seen it?

Gurindam Jiwa

What a makeover!

A breath of fresh air.

Quite pleasing to the eyes, ... my eyes at least.

Over here, some are celebrating our first computer animated full-length movie--Upin dan Ipin. Gross more than rm5 million already!

And some people are celebrating the new Premiership. No, not the British soccer type.



What did I find when I opened your newly made up blog on a saturday morning ! Joann osborne signing What if God was one of us !

I agree! The movie really stirs your heart. A great film critic once wrote - "If you see a great movie it should leave you speechless. If you discussing the merits/demerits of the movie then it is not so great"


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