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February 26, 2009



I love standing on frozen ice. It reminds me that everything can change form from soft to solid. Including us. It all depends on the environment and how we can shape ourselves to take on a new form, to adapt and survive.

there's also so much beauty when everything is frozen. just if we hold our self, mind and everything which revolves around it, slowly. in awe.

wow. indeed.

*p.s I love your self-introspective side*
Hugs and kisses, Kakak.
Love. Nina xxx


I like this post :)



I know how you felt at that. I did that once in China. This was a huge lake and totally frozen, if you stick your tongue, probably you have to end up without other half of it.

I did brave myself, but before that I have this devil advocate thought...."What if" and many of "What If". I closed my eyes and zoomed I went through to the other side of the lake.

One nasihat Ana, do not walk on the lake when the temperature is rising....you will be looking for trouble.

Glad you enjoyed those moments, I will do the same thing if I have a chance.



I agree with you, its an on going journey and ego is the hardest to deal with.

I am also scared of standing on frozen lakes :)

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