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February 08, 2009



Do you keep your books in any kinds of order? alphabatize by authors ha ha .

We went thru our bookshelf and I made the kids pack the books that they enjoyed when there were little and gave some to my nephews and gave some to friends. We take great care in deciding which ones will go where depending on how they will be cared for. FUnny isn't it.


So hard to let go of our book-friends...but we need to make room for new ones too.

Are you all better now, Ana? When I was sick recently I missed my Mak so much too. Hugs to you. And the amaryllis is gorgeous!

Gurindam Jiwa

So what was your response to that studfinder question?
Just curious.

mama rock

ana, i dont know whether i want to admire you for the neat, huge collection of books or the shopping at home depot :)
wow! such a collection you have there.


I was just talking about this with a colleague a few days ago. I'm not sentimental - I can get rid of books no problem (maybe I'm heartless?). I'll keep the ones I truly love, where maybe there's a passage in them that I think is brilliant. But even then, I have way too many books than I have space for!

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