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October 25, 2008


Pak Zawi

You should have told them of your knee problem. They would have cautioned you.
Though I don't climb, I was involved in the establishment of more than 50 routes for rock climbing in Gua Musang. I think rock climbing is a great healthy sport and one must be healthy and agile to enjoy it.
Give it another try when your knee gets better.


Good for you for trying something new - that's the real point. I'm glad you had sense and stopped before hurting yourself.

Gurindam Jiwa

Yes, it is the intention that counts.

Salaam Raya, belated.


But now you know it's not for you. You don't have to wonder. I learned this about cross country skiing. It's not for me. I got snowshoes instead.


Oh. Yeah. I've done the same thing with climbing: assumed that being in pretty good shape should see me through, and finding out that it won't. It's a pretty specialized set of heavy resistance work. I'm so glad you did what was wise!

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