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July 18, 2008



I love love love Haagen Dazs cookies and cream but alas, like Gurindam Jiwa said, it is expensive. So I settled for MAGNUM by Walls.. :)

Gurindam Jiwa

Häagen-Dazs® is rather expensive here in Malaysia for the common man. Our Ringgit is not holding on well with all the oil prices and inflation.

But sometimes almost heaven is worth it, eh?


wish I could run like you...run and leave your worries behind (maybe not forever, but at least for the length of time that it takes to complete the run!).And after all that, you feel better to face the world, right?Must start my badminton again la..berkobar2 ni nak balik main badminton!SMASH!

Pak Idrus

ana, I think you should slow down a bit. The mind might want to do all those things but do think of the other parts of the body as well.

Have fun and Have a nice day. Take care.


so am I, so am I.

I'm sure you have a good reason to wait until after raya. I hope you won't get demotivated by then.

You are welcome:)) What is your fav flavor?

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