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June 22, 2008



It starts with a dream they say and I hang on to the wise words.Who knows one day your dream will come true.
I'll let you know when I go for a visit next time. I think an opportunity for us to meet in person will be grand.

I'm thinking about it too. Perhaps we should find the good time while we this wonderful weather.

Lin's brownie was phenomenal.

Mek Na,
I have to take back what I said before that I didn't like pink. I looked great in pink eh? Especially the pink flip flop I got for $3.00 at Target.

We had a lovely time and the lamb chops too.

Mek Na

you look great in that pink t-shirt and pink slipper :)

Mek Na

you look great in that pink t-shirt and pink slipper :)


What a spread! I heard there was lamb chop too. ;) Nothing beats meeting new/old friends with foods on the table.

Pak Idrus

Ana, thanks. Indeed a great writeup of the happening yesterday.

After the final part of the puzzle, you are stranger no more. As all blogger know too well cybersphere is a great place to be and makes friends. Like us we eventually get to meet in the real world.. in Boston.

Actually this is also the first time I got to meet the Mama and Papa Z, This couple is simply wonderful people, thanks to you.

It was indeed great to meet all those lovely people. With that the circle of friendship grow and grow and I am enjoying it. My Mrs and our daughter Lin did really enjoy meeting you.

Have a nice day and take care.

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