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May 22, 2008



What do you say? Just what you did. You are a good woman, Ana, and he's lucky he had you to help him. And I hope it really will be OK.

Pak Idrus

Ana, Just be honest to him. He had enjoyed life all those years. This is just a hic up on that journey of life. Tell him to move on and continue to enjoy life to the fullest and take it that Life is like that. Have a nice day.

mama rock

oh ana...it's hard huh! i just heard the news that hubby's sixteen-year old niece has a high chance of being diagnosed with leukimea (sp?). i went to see her but I dont know what to say to her and all i could muster was "take care"

Gurindam Jiwa

My apologies. I only took the elective PSY 101 which I hated :-)

But once one of my staff, while ending his evening shift, got into an accident at work and broke both of his legs. I had to go to his house and inform his wife and bring her to the hospital.

I had absolutely no idea what to say. It was terrifying.


Gurindam Jiwa,
They DID teach that at my psychology school. My professor told us he would fail any of us if we dare say to a patient everything will be ok.

And I think if Ana has been in my class, she would definitely come out of it as top student.

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