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April 27, 2008



Thanks Dale.

Thank you for your kind word. A few years back I took up a basic drawing lessons at Cambridge Adult Education Center. It was hillarious because all of us the grown up students (most of us over 40 then)signed up for basic drawing classwhen in fact after the second class onward we had a nude model or sometimes two nude models. I think I wrote about the experience.

And yes, my knee has healed and sometimes I forget I even had a pain a few weeks ago. Thanks to Dale for his pressure points tips and accupuncture treatment. I've been walking a lot since and I'll be running this evening for sure.


I have missed so many postings from you and had to catch up with them all. You draw very well too.
With so many acquaintance I guess life in Boston can be fun too.
Hopefully your knee would be good enogh to let you start running again. Being unable to run for sometimes can make you feel deprived of something you love to do so much.
Run Ana run.



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