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February 16, 2008



great site


No never, even though I'm quite adventurous when it comes to food - as a Scandinavian living in Asia I'd have a pretty hard time otherwise ;-)


Yes, you may call me ana.What an interesting coincident.
I don't remember cikgu Rugayah's last name though. So, you never had etok, eh:))?

Yes, I have a very fond memory living in Kelantan. Some of the memories are fragments, but most of them I could remember in detail.


The joke among Kelantanese is that to be considered a trueblue Kelantanese, you must not only be able to speak the dialect perfectly, take budu and also be able to eat etok without any other equipment other than the teeth unless you are toothless or wearing dentures.
Anyway that skill actually can be acquired. No one is really born with it.
Using the teeth is best because you are tasting the ingredients the etok is marinated with especially the saltish flavour as it didn't really seep into the flesh.
What a nice memory for you to have with the etok.
Hopefully the blog about Kota Bharu with emphasis on Pengkalan Chepa has managed to rekindled your memories of Kelantan.


Ana (may I call you that?), this was so fun for me to read! My DH is a Kelantanese and my ILs live "on" Jalan Pengkalan Chepa. They are both retired teachers and my MIL who is coincidentally called Rugayah taught at the army camp in PC for a number of years - late 60's to early 80's I believe. And Etok, not for me, but DH of course loves it :-)

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