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January 31, 2008



I experience it more than I want to of being here but not here moment, and forget where I place the keys, the papers, the letters,even the thoughts. I think it is a constant reminder to ourselves, a continously work to be here and now until it becomes part of us. I went over to your site. I love your new babies on your working desk.Thank you for reading my blog.

I'm recovering from the surgery beutifully. I try to restrain myself from too much physical activities though. How is the little one doing? You put it so nice and tender, wisdom and strength:)). but I think they are more the mistakes that I've been trying to figure them out to make it right this time around.


Hi Ana

I've been away for awhile so my wishes could be belated. Read that you had a surgery and hope you are feeling better already!

You always made me open my eyes and see new things. I hope I always have your wisdom and your strength.


Back again! Ana, I love your posts!! Sometimes I feel like I see myself (can't stay in the here and now! Where is the paper I JUST put down) sometimes I see myself the way I want to be (being able to pay attention and remember things, taking care of people and taking care of myself!) I LOVED this story. My kids get tired of hearing those stories about moments that mean so much to me, but I will continue to treasure them in my heart. Thank you!

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