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January 23, 2008



I don't know what is more frustrating - the rash - or the fact that sometimes they can't figure out wy or what caused it.
Hope it disappears soon.

Gurindam Jiwa

Is this the first time? If you are allergic to something, and everything else all same, same, same, same, and same, it should have happened before.

Sometimes, it could be “nothing.” And what is life without “something.”

Oh btw,

“It was not as wonderful as having an orgasm, but it was wonderful nevertheless.”

Must be that itch that wants to get that sentence in.

Oh, you’ll be fine. Insya‘Allah.


That has happened to me a few times, too, and I didn't find out what caused it. You might be allergic to something like a food or medicine. But a virus can also cause hives all over the body, and they tend to return day after day until the virus is gone. Good luck, I hope the hives will be gone soon.

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