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January 25, 2008



Thank you for your kind words. You know what, during the presentation that afternoon, I was a little itchy here and there, but I was glad I could share with them how it is working with homeless people in recovery and have undiagnosed mental illness.

Thank you. I still have those blotches and patches. The old ones were gone and the new ones appeared. The meds help though. And I wonder will I ever find out what caused it.
So,you're allergic to read meat. I wonder what am I allergic to.

Salma Beach

Ana : i am sorry to learn about your allergy. I am allergic to red meat (daging binatang 4 kaki). It only started in 2003. Hives would just appear on my body. It would start with severe stomach cramp and then the hives would appear. Then it would be hard to breathe. antihistamine helps, but the hives stay for days. Hope you will get better soon.

Pak Idrus

Ana, using a metaphor, the anion was one hell of great idea in trying to tell the story that has no ending. Indeed an achievement. Congratulation and have a nice day and enjoy.

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