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January 29, 2008



Thanks for a visit. How is your cold? The itchy you had was like playing hide and seek with you, eh? Sekejap ade, sekejap tak de!!!
Actually I never heard of 'guling kata'. What does it mean?


Hei, I got something like that too a couple of yrs ago. I will be so itchy all over as soon as I get into the bathrm in the morning. It starts always at the same time and will last for a few hrs and the swells will be gone. A few years after that I never have them again up till this time. My doctor prescribed 'zyrtec' as she thinks it's allergy. My mak pula kata I kena 'guling kata' - I don't know if this spelling is right - orang2 kampung sure heard of it. To ward the itchiness one must burn a fishing net and wipe it all over the affected area - wallah hu alam. Hope you get over it soon...

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