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December 01, 2007



Pok Yas,
Thank you for reading my blog. The image was indeed beautiful, but now it's all gone. All the leaves are on the ground. We had snow a few days ago and temp. has dropped to low 20's.


I bloghopped from Pak Idrus Christmas chanting and boy true as what he said - for someone who hasn't been there, the image is astonishing.Picturesque.


You know what Pak Idrus we were in sync then, sending out the wonderful thought into the universe.
I walk along this street everyday to work when I get off the train, about ten minutes walk to my office. I never get tired of watching the brilliant colors of leaves. They are gorgeous. I'm glad the picture brings you back to Memory Lane.

Hi Akmal,
Thank you for stopping by and read my blog. I bloghopped your site a couple of time through Pak Idrus's too. I agree with you, the view is astounding.


Hi Ana.
I bloghopped from Pak Idrus's.
Hey nice posting there.Simply like the photo.
The view you have there is astounding!
Good day(",).

Pak Idrus

Ana, I never thought for a second that you would post the image above and yet I was writing about it and while trying to do a link to your previous posting I saw that image of Fall.

When someone hop to yours from mine, they would get a very clear message on what I meant about the wonder of fall in the New England states.

It look like that we were thinking alike in those moments in time. Have a nice day.

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