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January 23, 2007



Glad you enjoyed my wifes book as we both enjoyed your blog. If you thought the food in the first book was great well till the new one comes out. P.S You are the first with the new title "Rosewater and Sodabread" and as her Annoying Irish Husband I have to say it is off the hook!!!


Looking at our books collection is kind of therapeutic too :))

I expereinced the same thing too. None of my friends finished TGoST. They said it's too depressing, but I loved it.


OH.....God of Small things. That book truly sucked me in. I've always had an obsession for all things Indian/Pakistan and I really felt like I was walking with the author through that book. It was one of those books that i tried to push on other reader's I knew when I finished it and not a one of them could get past the beginning. They would send it back or drop it off with a 'sorry, just didn't get it'.
It was sad, but sooo beautiful.
I'll have to look for Pomegranite Soup.


Note to myself: must buy more books to look at! :-)

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