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November 30, 2006



Glad that you had a great time ;)


Thankyou so much. I missed reading your posts too while I was back in Taiping. I'll write soon about it.
I hope you'll enjoy DGIL as much as I did. I laughed out loud when I read "....probably in between contractions!" I'm amazed at your sense of humor. I like that. Hope you're doing well.

Yes, I'm back here in mykampung, where my heart is.

Pak Idrus

So it was Boston Tay peng and Tay peng Boston. Well I guess that you had a great time at the Kampong and got lost in space and times.

Have a nice day now that you are back to your Kampong. I am now not sure anymore which is your Kampong. But I believe it does not matter. Life goes on, thats what's matter. Enjoy.


hey welcome back, you're writings have been missed ere. i have ordered the 'dancing Girls in Lahore' book via Amazon and waiting excitedly to read it...probably in between contractions!


you're absolutely right. time flies when we're having fun.

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