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October 18, 2006



5 weeks! I am so jealous. Enjoy your visit home and eat lots of good food for me. Speaking of Water, I also enjoyed it very much - my eyes were puffy the next day from crying.


I'll be away for five weeks. I haven't had a real vacation since year 2000.
I've heard about the movie and saw the book at the book store. I'm thinking of getting it too. I rented the video, Fire (a relationship between two women)by the same director Deepa Mehta. It was amazing. And Shabana Azmi, the main character in Fire was mesmerizing.

Perhaps we should write more about books and movies that stimulate our minds:))

we cannot hope for them to be more open, but we always could make an effort to go out find out ourselves. We cannot let people do the thinking for us.


thanks for linking me

i haven't heard about this book being banned, but reading your description it would probably be a good candidate LOL - i will look out for it.

which just shows how silly it all is. and you're quite right banning makes people want to read things more. i hope to create that desire even more strongly by writing about the books that get banned to create interest ... and that to some extent undoes the power of the banners

hope you're feeling better. very nice blog.


one day NST news paper came out with a story about ex-wife of Sir ...oh i didn't remember his name the ex-Beatles singer, who sell herself to rich, famous and influences muslim arab. i hope they will be more open about this kind of issue. hope to get the dancing girl of lahore soon....


Have a safe trip! How long do you get to stay? I want to read the Dancing Girls now. It's a different country and culture, but have you seen the movie "Water"? It's by an Indian director (woman) and is the third in her series - the second was "Fire" - (I can't remember if the first was "Earth" or some other element). It too is about women who are treated poorly by their society, simply because they are widows. I loved the movie.
I am also very happy for you that your biopsy was negative! Take care.

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