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March 29, 2006



I guess a quiet person is always quiet and reserved and the cordial and friendly no matter where they are.

the mom was probably upset because she thought she and her kid were the only Malaysians in the area until she met you. :))


humm fascinating - one posts tells off a fellow msian who ignores n the other the aestatic one ;) i would have been aestatic but been ignored before - was in india and met this malay kid n her mom at a local store - excitedly started talking in malay to the kid who was as excited - but her mom wouldnt even glance at me -


That's very nice, Sexylegs. The bangles are nice too. It's sad that we're not THAT cordial when we live among ourselves here in the old tanah air.


I love them. I have another two sets (red and green that match my sweater. I remember many years ago back in Taiping when I wore the bangles (the set my friend Manggalam gave me) to the wedding, a MakCik asked me, "Hang nak jadi Hindu ka?"
I guess you have to wait until the little one learns to appreciate Mommy's accessories :))

Pak Idrus,
Probably not :)) Agree with you, the unexpected colors and spices up our lives.

Yes, they are some Malaysians about.
Next time when I see you at the bus stop, I'll drag you to lunch.

Yes, it is nice, but if they didn't want to be bohtered, just leave them alone.


Its gr8 to meet a nice fellow malaysian kan?
I felt the same way when I was abroad.
But most that I meet berlagak and don't want to be associated with our roots.
Hold on to this friend!!!

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