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March 12, 2006



Pak AG,
So am I. I saw a classical Indian dancer.The word 'but'was spelled 'ba wau ta'? I assume the book was translated in Malay. I wonder why didn't they use the word sepatu which is an origin of Portugese 'sepato'


I'm fascinated by trees when they're laid bare. We have one near our house that's beautiful in summer, and even more so in winter, when it sheds its clothes. Your bare tree above reminds me of someone doing the tai-chi. Like you, I too grew up on Jawi before Rumi. I wasn't confounded by ta-ya-ha, but by the word 'but'. Boot? Boot? I'd ask, but why? (It came, btw, from the comic book version of the Prince and the Pauper').


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