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March 28, 2006



I guess she didn't get her belacan fix for a long long time.


you're probably right,but if a person has eaten nasi lemak with shrimp/ikanbilis/egg/beef sambal tumis bought at hawkers/stalls most likely the sambal tumis has belacan in it. Belacan is one of the most important ingredients in sambal tumis.
I hope my curiousity didn't scare that lady. who knows our paths will cross again.

I guess she had her own reasons to shy away and I respect that.


Ha, I think some times some other Malay probably get scared to be identified because they think they are going to get invitations to go to the ceramah ugama and what nots... It happens. But I am sorry that a person would deny her own identity. That's a little sad...

I wish you were nearby.


Ha ha ha Ana...Ana,

Few corrections,
1) Not everyone who eats Belacan are Malay. For eg: Me (at least before I turn vegetarian)
2) Not all Malay eats Belacan.

Anyway, you scared the SH*T out of that lady I guess. The next time she bumps into you I'm sure she gonna hand over her money and valuables to you. ha ha ha. Just kidding. Anyway, you Asians better don't you.

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