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October 28, 2005



Please don't apologize. You're right about parenting by example. 90% of the women I've been working with are lack of parenting skills. Most of them are single parents.
They're still struggling with their addiction, depression, anxiety and long list of mental illness history.
They bring up their children the way they were brought up by their parents.
It's a long way to go, but god willing they'll get there.


Halloween is devil worship, according to that church-goer woman? What an aberration of facts! Halloween is the American tradition, copied from the Christian tradition of All Saints' Day. Unless she is prepared to condemn everyone who attends Holy Communion in church on All Saints' Day, as devil worshippers, I think her 30 minute protest does not go down well with her son's developments. OK, I concede that the last sentence is strong. In the Christian tradition, one shouldn't judge, lest one be judged. The point I was trying to make, albeit not quite successfully, is that it's not good to show one's child that one is prepared to argue/take on others when one is unsure of one's facts; it is not good parenting by example. I shall stop here, for fear of jabbering on without making my case clearer. My apologies.

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