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September 17, 2005



I wanted to tell you about Life IS Not Haha Hehe when I was reading this but I totally forgot at the mere mention of Naveen Andrews! LOL This mini series was shown in BBC last year (or was it this year?) and I enjoyed it because it is fresh, modern and vocal. It is talkign more about Indian immigrants (and immigrants in general I'd liek to think) than the other books you mentioned - I haven't read most of them though.
I hope you get to see them in US and a novel by the same creator Meera Syal of the same title was out with the series too.


ohh....yesss, I agree with you. Naveen Andrews and Juliet Binoche was the only reason I watched English Patient.


haven't seen Bride&Prejudice - will wait till they show it on TV! Have you seen The English Patient? You simply must see the scene where Naveen Andrews was bathing.... and putting olive oil on his long silky hair... one of the sexiest and most sensuous scenes ever!

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