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September 08, 2005



yessss.........I have an accent :)). I had my share too using digital camera for the first time a year ago. I'm getting hang to it now. Hopefully you could share your favorite dish with us one day.

long time no seen. are u still in queensland, or have you moved back to christchurch. no wonder three of my emails were returned, you had changed your e-mail address. please keep in touch. btw, I sent an email with your new e-mail address. It was returned too. :((


Sas, I remembered on that trip to Langkawi you went kayaking on the Tasik Dayang Bunting...I missed the old time together...



Anasalwa: I've been around - mostly lurking. Yeah - I'm too occupied with other things when I get home to update my blog. Sorry :}. I have not had any luck with my new digital camera, trying to take pictures of my new artwork to post on my photo album page.

But I like to check in on all my blog 'friends' pages - especially yours, which makes me hungry. I also really enjoy your stories and your wise insights about people. I also love your 'accent' - I guess it must be possible to write with an accent - I can almost hear you talking!
For all you share with us: Salamat po.


It's good to see you again. Where have you been? And you don't update your weblog either.
I think folks from all over the earth have interesting ways to preserve the food.


Mmmm...your fish curry looks so good! I'm not a huge fan of salted dried fish when used in cooking. On my home island in Alaska, though, my favorites included dried salmon (ukula) and dried halibut. The elders like to soften the dried halibut in warm vegetable oil, combined with sauteed onion or raw garlic. Or the bravest soften their dry fish in aged 'stink' seal oil. That oil has been rendered out in a large jar, set in the corner of a warm room (preferrably by the wood stove). You cannot even be in the room when the old-timers open the jar lid...whew! I don't know how they can get it to their mouth to eat it!
Your food pictures and descriptions always make me drool...

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