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July 02, 2005



Where can I order chayote to grow? I'm looking for the green, as well as white and dark versions. Thanks. [email protected]


There's a similar gourd called the choko.


Halela: Nanti saya cuba.


cubalah try masak macam sop petula. Siapkan salted salmon kalau tak ada ikan masin, masakkan sambal ikan bilis...yummmmm!


Kri: It has no teeth, so it won't do any major damage:)

Kak Teh: Did you have one when you were a kid?

Lilian: I added tow cloves for the eyes. I wonder what type of melon was it? Could you post a picture the next time you get, please. How did it taste when you stirfried it?

Pok Ku: I will do that.

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