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May 26, 2005


Pak Idrus

Ana, Black with sugar...with anything esle it is not coffee to me...


kakteh:how good is kenco? is it dark roasted or mild?

halela: sometimes old coffee has sour taste. do you brew your coffee?

sunflora: getting sweaty after a cuppa of coffee is the best part.:)

morissane: oh yes, nothing can beat freshly brewed coffee.

Frankesteina: Where have you been gurrrrlllll? I thought you're gone MIA. I'm glad to you're back. Hopefully everything will workout for you. It is good to see new faces and new air.

PakIdrus: do you drink kopi O or with cream/milk?

eyeris: yeah.........you got song, a cup of coffee for eyeris.

halela: I'm still around.


salam jumaat anasalwa,

apa khabar? baik ke? dah lama tak updet, hope nothing is wrong with your internet line.


Aha! Another blogger who needs to sing the Eyeris Coffee Song! :)


Pak Idrus

coffee is my world...never a day without coffee..Hem..the smell of hot coffee..

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