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April 07, 2005



sorry to disappoint you all, but actually seri kaya originates from hainan island. i suppose during the old days when the chinese immigrated to malaysia and let other fellow malaysians taste it, it spread like wild fire all over malaysia and singapore.


uhm hmm ...I think so...not sure if they sell it where I'm at...


lightspeech: Thank you for stopping by and read my blog. I'm sure you had SriKaya before, haven't you?


Enjoyed reading your blog! Got me drooling..


Pak Idrus,
Who can say who started it first? We've been living together with our Chinese and Indian friends/neighbors not to mention other ethnics for a long time. Not long ago I saw kuih abok-abok imported from Japan at Super88Market. Abok-abok is made of rice flour and has either mungbean-brown sugar or coconut-brown sugar filling. The outside of abok-abok is dusted with roasted ground mungbean. when I saw it for the first time, my first reaction was, "Hm...did the Japanese learn it from Malay old folks during their occupation? Or the other way around? But did those Japanese soldiers had time to make abok-abok when they were not running around chasing roosters and chicken in the village or hunting down their victims?

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