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January 10, 2005




Thank you for stopping by. I didn't know they already made The Chronicle of Narnia into movies. I must have missed it. I try not to miss BBc's programs, As Time Goes By and GlobeTrek, but other than that I seldom watch the tv.
I went over to your site too. I like it.


The Chronicles of Narnia HAVE been made into movies... The BBC did at least the first four books and they were broadcast in the United States on public television. I don't know if they are available for sale, but my aunt taped them for me when they were on tv ages ago and I loved them.

Your site is delightful, by the way- keep writing! :)


SelamatHariRayaHaji buat Halela.
Lama macam mana pun kita di tempat orang, saya rasa kita akan rindu juga sekali sekala.
Eh...eh...saya bukan tinggal sorang-sorang....


Selamat hari raya haji, ana...kesian you tinggal alone sana. Buatlah sikit2 cookie ke, rendang ke, kari ayam...pas tu panggil 2-3 kawan to celebrate raya...rasa jugakan atmosphere raya...that is if you still miss raya lah kan? Ada orang dah tinggal lama2 luar negara, dia tak rasa lagi...

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