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August 17, 2004



I'm sorry to take this long to respond to your comment. I visited your site earlier. Very interesting.


I'm curious. Did they ask you because you're not white or simply because the way you're dressed?

P/S I like your writings. I'm going to link you.


Thankyou for dropping by. I checked out your site this afternoon. I think I've seen the man you wrote about.


It happens to me all of the time. I often don't carry a purse and have my money and cards in my pocket. I think it is because I worked in retail for years, I always refold, put things back where they belong, pick things up off of the floor if I see them, etc. Old habits die hard.
You have a lovely site, I found you from Boston COmmon today, I;ve added you to my roll and I'll be checking in often.
Thank you.


Yes! I like Korean food. but not as much as Thai or Vietnamese. I've only had Indonesian and Malaysian food in London, and loved it, but I think we can find some here in Montreal. If so, you can be sure I will think of you while eating, and write about the food afterwards!

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