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June 16, 2004



Pak Adib: You're right we should be careful to choose our teachers. But when you were 16 and in a rigid and stiff high shcool atmosphere, when the principal NEVER smiled to any of the students who crossed his path, what choices did you have to select the teachers?

Beth: Thank you for stopping by and your comment. I enjoy reading your mind-stimulates entries.


Salaam, Ana. I love what you are writing here and the sensibility you are expressing. Please keep going! I will be coming back often to read your stories and learn how the world looks from your point of view. Thank you very much for the link to my blog. (Your reading list looks terrific, by the way!)


That so called ustaz should NOT be teaching at KIK.He doesnot even understand what he is talking about.

I am very selective about who are my teachers.


Salam. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I like yours and will definitely check in every now and then.

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