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June 22, 2004



Is not easy to unconditioned the mind. Women across the nation have the same problem. Woman abuser and a rapist share a similar trait - power and control. Isolation a victim from her family, name calling, degrading remarks in a presence of the children or family members is the sign of abuse. Unfortunately a lot of women fail to make a connection or see the red flag.


I wish more Malaysian women are vocal about their problems especially when it comes to domestic abuse. In Melayu custom, it's memalukan to talk about marital problems as the women will be seen as 'tak pandai jaga laki, sbb tu laki kau pukul kau/carik betina lain'. Therefor these women just keep mum of what's happening to them and take the abuse without questions. Domestic abuse is not to be taken lightly for apparently women of all stages young, old, rich, poor and even educated ones suffer.

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