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June 24, 2004



I didn't go to kindergarten so I started reading in Std 1 too. I was staying with my grandma then. I often went to our neighbours' house (my grandma happened to have 2 neighbours who had a lot of books) to read thier books. Sometimes I just went and sat at their verandah alone, reading thier books.

Then in Std 2, I went back to stay with my parents. I remember reading Sejarah Melayu, Panglima Awang and Hikayat Bayan Budiman. I even dugged up the old Dian Digest and read them all - they were written in jawi.


I'm sorry about your parents.
I had the same problem when I wanted to move to new place back home. I couldn't bring with me all the books I'd accumulated over the years and I wanted to give them away. But, the problem was I wanted that person who cared, and appreciated the books. My sister suggested to ship them all to my parents home. That's what I did.


I've been around books for as long as I can remember. With a journalist as a father, the newspaper is essential in our lives. We have our own library at home and its filled with all kinds of books - novels, biographies, encyclopedias, the whole lot. I'm moving out in a week and it's difficult to determine which book to give away and which to keep. My parents are divorced now so we put all his books (which made up half of the library) into several big boxes while my own collection filled two big ones. I've a stack that I will give away while all the reference stuff we're donating to schools back in my mum's hometown.

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