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April 23, 2004



Hah..hah...hah......you're right, I don't think they want to do anything with us judging from the self-destructive behaviors we possess from the beginning of time. We kill each other, we chop the trees and pollute the air we breath in, throw the toxic into the water that we drink.......hmm.....what else??? :)

Kaput Capone(ette)

"A sure sign of intelligence is when none of them ever tried to contact us seriously"

...hehe so true


I read your Feb. 14 post and I had a similar experience while I was running on a narrow sidewalk a few years back. Instead of an empty cup, it was a cigarettes butt. It flown out of the window and landed on a sleeve of my sweat shirt. I still keep the shirt with a little hole in the sleeve, but I no longer wear it.


I've had that exact same feeling hundreds of times, and I wrote a similar blog post the past Feb 14.

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